4 WordPress plugins to help you monetise your blog

August 20, 2020
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August 20, 2020 Jason Hulott

Think more like a media company with advertising options

Building a site in WordPress is a great way to have a low cost, future proof website that will grow as you do.  While there are thousands of plugins you can use for your website to enhance it, I wanted to give you a few keys plugins you can use to help drive revenue from the site traffic that sits along side your products and services.

They will provide you with the ability offer a wide range of revenue streams, from sponsorship, advertising, paid posts and much more.   They  other benefit is once , activated and configured, they can help take on the heavy lifting of taking payments and managing the advertiser experience, meaning you become self service ad platform.

If you are generating content and traffic (and why wouldn’t you be), this is a great way to enhance your revenue and diversify your risk.

They can also help you expand into multiple sites including editorial content or magazine sites.

Let’s jump in.

Advanced Ads Pro Plugin - Multi-purpose WordPress advertising manager

This plugin is a great way to create a self service ad platform for advertisers.  What does this mean?  It means an advertiser can buy advertising space from you directly and make payment for it ahead of time.  All without the need for you to be involved, unless you want to.  You can set up a huge number of of different ad options and allow advertisers to buy slots and spots as you want.

Optin Monster – to drive more opt ins, help you convert more traffic and monetise your traffic

Optin Monster gives you numerous ways of adding popups, exit consoles, sliders and all forms of option sign up facility on your site to help you generate more newsletter subscribers which you can then potentially offer advertising too, or at the very least drive them back to your website, to the new content each month, to drive more ad revenue.

WP Forms – for better forms, surveys, take payments and over 100 form templates…

Not all form plugins are created the same, there are a number different form systems available.  From a revenue point of view, I love recommending WP Forms and it gives you the ability to offer pay for posts.  So a business can prepay on your site to post content.  Sponsored posts are a huge thing in SEO circles but also for advertisers looking for brand each for their clients.  This is a preference but I know most of you will get at least one request a week for this kind of thing.  Now you can control it – and monetise it.  Easily.

Pretty Links – to auto insert affiliate links, cloak and track clicks

Pretty links is a great plugin that can help you manage and report on your affiliate offers all in once place – your WordPress Dashboard.   Pretty links can also be set to automatically add links tot content by replacing chosen keywords with affiliate keyword links.  When you have a big site, this can save you a huge amount of time and helps you optimise the sites ability to drive revenue, all the while not looking like a flea market.

I hope these plugins have given you some ideas on the different types of things you can offer to drive more revenue.  Thinking like a media company certainly helps you to create different revenue streams that can sit nicely along site your current products and services. Also they will give you ideas as well as the ability to scale as you can break out content into separate niche sites and build multiple streams of income.

Jason Hulott

Jason is a 20 year veteran of affiliate and digital marketing. Currently runs Speedie Consultants Limited, a Digital agency for finance and insurance companies. This has included running affiliate programmes and promoting affiliate offers for the last 20 years.

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