Woocommerce plugins to drive more sales

At the dojo, we are not just concerned with helping drive affiliate revenue, we also share ideas to help you grown you existing business.  We love WordPress and 4 of the reasons are listed below.  Plugins are a great way to add new functionality and more options to drive more sales. The guys at Barn2 have a great range of Woocommerce plugins that take your site to the next level.


WooCommerce wholesale 

Instead of forcing wholesale customers to go through your Retail front-end, this plugin allows you to set up a members-only area. You can set B2B discounts, allow bulk-buying and have customers assigned different roles with specific visibility on taxes and offers. You can even break it out so each role has different categories visible, alongside their shipping options.

The plugin gives your wholesale customers a single-page order form to simplify their buying experience and cut the time taken manually processing wholesale orders on a retail store. The sign-up sheet is fully customisable and you can easily shift wholesale accounts between different roles. Pricing of goods can be set in 2 ways; Global applies a price across each role but you can also discount by category or individual product.

  • Choose whether to add new customers automatically or moderate them
  • Run Retail and Wholesale stores individually or in parallel
  • Wholesale-specific buying interface

Product Table

WooCommerce product table 

This plugin gives you immense flexibility when building a webstore. You can list almost any number of products, well into the thousands and still have your site fast and responsive. Product Table has numerous integrations, all of which are fully tested and listed in the product description before you buy.

Each table can be placed individually anywhere on a page, or you can use the table settings as a global style for your shopping pages. Each product listing can contain some or all of the available data sources, such as SKU, price, shipping options, pictures and videos. You can have different product tables by using Gutenberg blocks or shortcodes with different settings and products.

  • Search and filter on any listed columns
  • List unlimited products
  • Fully customisable product data
  • Quick shop button to add variants or multiples from the product listing
  • Dozens of integrations

Restaurant Ordering

WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering 

Building an ordering page for your restaurant allows you to avoid commission fees from 3rd party sites and the Restaurant Ordering plugin makes this easy. It works with any theme and is fully tested with the most popular, such as Divi and Storefront, so you can keep a consistent appearance across your whole site. It’s also mobile-friendly, so your customers can order on the move via their smartphone.

The plugin offers three display options, 1, 2 or 3 column listings and you can customise the information you display. You decide whether to use quick ordering, one-click to add to cart or let customers customise their choices with a lightbox if you offer multiple options. Variant dishes can be listed on their own or, using the Product Add-Ons plugin, as variable options on one entry.

  • Fast, single-page ordering
  • Customise your menu display
  • Offer options with a lightbox popup
  • Choose what data to display for your food, including customisations and allergy info

Private Store

WooCommerce Private Store 

Completely restrict access to your WooCommerce shop with this privacy-orientated plugin. You can choose to password lock the whole site, with the facility to set up multiple accounts, or unlock it for logged in customers only. Guests can see your main pages but nothing of your WooCommerce. 

In addition to being easy to set up, Private Store protects you from the more common ways to workaround viewing access. It can’t be accessed via menus or sidebars or even from search engines. This makes sure that the only people who can see and interact with your shop are the accounts you have approved to do so.

  • Protect your products from unauthorised views
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Unlock aspects based on logged-in accounts or specific roles
  • Login via  customisable WooCommerce form

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