Wishlist Member Plugin


Membership services for your site can be valuable as a revenue stream and also as a way to build and learn about your community, the better to market your services. Wishlist Member has facilities to allow different levels of membership, free and paid, and to give access to content for members within those bands. Whether you’re delivering courses, content or building a community, the plugin can handle your needs. 

Wishlist Member can integrate with payment services such as Stripe and WooCommerce, so you can accept payment with your current provider without leaving the plugin. Members can be approved automatically, on confirmation of valid email addresses or manually. These options will suit different frequencies of application and the size of the membership you’re building; a service selling itself on exclusivity can use manual approval to weed out time-wasters, while this would be cumbersome for a larger base.

Pricing runs from $147 per year for 1 site, to $397 for up to 20 URLs. All currently subscribed packages include access to tutorial videos, unlimited membership and memberships tiers, automatic updates and access to their support line.

Features and Benefits

  • Wizard-based setup
  • Different levels of authentication for new members
  • Unlimited tiers of membership
  • Drip content to members
  • Set requirements for memberships tiers based on payment, actions or time
  • Integrations with popular payment platforms
  • Compatible with several major affiliate program plugins
  • Build mailing lists from new memberships
  • Import members from legacy systems via a .csv file
  • Feed content by membership tier
  • Connect your email provider via the Wishlist Member API

How to Use Wishlist Member

Set up is via wizard, where you can define your membership tiers, point to members-only areas of the site and choose how to accept new members and what level of verification you will need. This includes building pages that will be shown when non-members attempt to access controlled content, with a CTA to get them to sign up.

Subsequently, you can allocate content to each tier both for direct access and set up drops to release content on a timed basis. In the latter case members advance through tiers based on their time on the list, gaining access to more content the longer they keep their membership active. Wishlist Member encourages you to provide a clear sign up and login page, which will clearly show the benefits of different membership levels. 


The ability to protect your content and limit access according to membership level incentivises members to improve their tier, whether by increased subscription, maintaining their membership or improving their performance. Sites such as Patreon are an example of this content restriction; with Wishlist Member you can choose to completely hide higher level content, given limited visibility without access and even offer temporary access as a tease to encourage members.

Various sites can benefit from memberships, such as course providers, shop sites offering “members only” deals and affiliate programs, in which affiliates can progress to better rates and support as they pass value milestones. The wizard-based setup gets your program up quickly, and you can import members to the new system from whatever you have been using previously if you have an established program. Wishlist Members is flexible but easy to use and update as your needs change.


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