Creating Affiliate Comparison Tables With Ease

April 4, 2022
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April 4, 2022 Jason Hulott

Using AAWP To Add Comparison Tables To Your Post and Pages

One way to really drive more revenue from your amazon affiliate relationship is to tap into the buying psyche of your client base.  Now one thing we know is you can buy just about anything on Amazon, but and it is a big but you can take advantage of, Amazon doesn’t really do comparisons really well.

And this presents a huge opportunity for Amazon associates.

We know from Google that some of the biggest buyer intent keywords used in Google search are comparison and compare related terms.  We also know that people using these terms tend more than likely to be in a buying mood.  So being able to pick up that traffic will do wonders for your income stream.

If you run your site on WordPress, you can create SEO contact around compare and comparison terms, and now by using the AAWP plugin you can create and display product side by side comparison table from any set of products you like. 

Here is a quick video on how to use AAWP to create comparison tables fast.

As you can see there are plenty of options and easy ways to create unique tables using your own data and the Amazon product data.  You can choose or create your own layouts.

Finding and building tables people want

While it might be tempting to simply build hundreds of comparison tables, the best way is to use Google to tell you what products in your niche people are searching for.  Using a tool such as Answer the Public or SEMRush, you can use product names or niche search terms to discover terms that include Compare or Comparison.  These could be simply:

  • Compare Product Name e.g. Compare Macbooks
  • Compare Product Type e.g. Compare Laptops
  • Compare product features e.g.  Compare 13inch Screen laptops

Once you have done this, you can create pages of content specifically around each keyword you find.  I would suggest at least 50 words of unique content built around your comparison table.  This will help Google rank the page – after all one of the reasons we want to use these tables, it to drive traffic from search results.

So back to AAWP – Now you have a list of comparison pages and therefore table to build you can simply use the process outlined in the video above, to find relevant products to include in your tables.  Remember, you don’t want to include too many products in your tables.  3 to 5 will be a good fit, don’t forget we still might be driving traffic from mobile devices so we need to make sure the tables work well on mobile too.  AAWP does build responsive tables so you don’t need to worry about learning CSS 

Some of the features you can use to help drive more revenue include:

  • highlighting specific columns or rows, highlight best price or lowest price
  • including Amazon Prime Details
  • adding in Amazon ratings or reviews
  • Include product pricing and product details 
  • Add each comparison table into a post or page via shortcode

As you can see, there are a large number of fantastic options to use AAWP to help drive more traffic and sales from your website. You don’t simply have to use the Amazon associates links as provided.  

Here are a few ideas to help you create better comparison tables for your website

  1. Don’t over complicate them, you want to use a few fields with the important information – don’t overload your tables – it will make them much harder to read.
  2. Make sure you include the Product images in the table
  3. Open buy now or more info Links in a new tab to make it easier for people to use the tables
  4. Links – make as much as possible clickable, not just a more details or buy now button.  Make the product  image clickable, the title, as much as possible without it looking messy
  5. Try to use a Best Price or Low Price coloured column to quickly show the best value or recommended product

These are just a few ideas.  With the simplicity of AAWP, you can will be able to test different options yourself.


Hopefully, you can see that AAWP is a great way to help drive functional affiliate content that will increase your revenue.  Using the steps outlined above will help you create content that will not only stand out and be useful, but will be more likely to send traffic to Amazon via your links.

Using Comparison tables on your website are also great content to drive traffic to from your social media or email newsletters – just remember to send people to a webpage and don’t include comparison tables in your emails.  If your site runs on WordPress, using the AAWP plugin is a great way to plug in functional and traffic generating compare tables using Amazon products.

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