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You will find our recommended options to run your own affiliate programme on WordPress, our only affiliate network recommendation, and tools to help you recruit new affiliates.


With Affiliate WP, you don’t have to join an affiliate network to track the affiliate programs on your WordPress website.

Instead, you simply pay on the basis of the cost per lead or click.

It has been developed in response to the high costs usually associated with an affiliate tracking facility built into your backend system when dealing with those finance and insurance companies that offer online purchases through a third party provider.

Paying on the basis of each lead or click lets you track performance just as easily.

WP Affiliate Manager

This WordPress plugin combines well with marketing tools such as Mailchimp and Woocommerce.

It lets you run referral commissions, affiliate referrals, coupons and discount codes for your new affiliates. It could also be integrated with CRM plugins such as ActiveCampaign to maximise your lead generation.

Publisher Discovery

Looking for affiliates to scale or launch your affiliate programme?  Publisher Discovery is one of the best ways to find the affiliates that are already driving traffic to product providers in your niche. From our experience, this is one of the key elements and questions we get asked by companies all theme.

How do we find affiliates?  Now you have Publisher Discovery to help kickstart that research

Awin Access

With Awin Access, startups and newer businesses can easily deploy an affiliate marketing program for their business.

The average ROI of the affiliate channel is £1:£16. If products don’t sell, the advertiser does not pay out commission. The risk with this form of marketing is minimal so advertisers are able to work with a wide range of publishers across variety of performance metrics.  This opens up the ability to test unknown or new propositions without wasting budget or increasing cost per sale metrics.

Get very low cost access to the largest affiliate network there is.


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